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Frequently Asked Questions.

What happens once I make my purchase?

If you purchase a firearm, you will be prompted at check out to select your nearest FFL. If you choose Armory Shields as your FFL, we will contact you as soon as your purchase arrives and schedule your background check/pickup. If you selected another FLL, we would contact them directly to ship your order as quickly as possible. If we are not able to reach them, we will contact you for assistance. Please let that FFL know to be expecting a shipment from us. 

Do you have (random item/firearm) in stock?

We are a home-based FFL and do not currently have the space to keep a vast inventory of items. Everything you see in our online store is shipped after your order it directly from our distributors. This allows us to keep our prices low. If the item is Out of Stock on our website, you can subscribe to notifications to receive an alert once it's available. Our inventory refreshed daily. If you don't see an item you are looking for at all, please contact [email protected] for a special order. 

How do I get my background check?

Please refer to this page to answer any questions about background checks. 

How do 3rd party transfers work?

Please refer to this page to answer any questions about 3rd party transfers. 

Questions about ammunition

As for whether a particular caliber is in stock, please refer to the above question, Do you have (random item/firearm) in stock? 

Shipping ammunition

Most of the time, we can ship ammo directly to the purchaser. However, some of our distributors insist on sending it to us anyway. If this happens to your order, and you are local, we will ask that you come and pick up your ammo. If you are not local, we will attempt to forward the package to you directly following your local laws. Please note, California and Massachusetts genuinely seem to hate freedom, and we will not ship ammo to those states.