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3rd Party Transfers


If you would like us to receive a third-party transfer and conduct your background check, there will be a non-refundable fee of dependent on the type of transfer requested. Please email us at [email protected] so we can be on the lookout for your items. Once received, we will contact you to conduct a background and/or pickup. If your FFL would like a copy of our license, please click here.


If you purchase a firearm from our online store and would like it sent to another FFL, please select the FFL from the dropdown. We will reach out to that FFL directly to collect their information. If we have trouble reaching them, we will contact you, the buyer, to help us get in touch with them. 


    All firearms, including transfers & online orders, must be picked up within 3 weeks of arrival. Any firearm picked up after 3 weeks of arrival will be subject to an additional storage fee of $10.00 per week. Firearms not picked up after 90 days will be considered abandoned and sold. Exceptions to this policy may only be granted by an Owner/General Manager. Exceptions will generally only be granted to Military personnel who are currently serving and on deployment and must be granted before ordering the firearm and having it sent to us. Additionally, if you have more than one firearm shipped to the store, all firearms must be picked up at the same time. If a firearm is left at the store, then the $10.00 per week fee will start immediately if the additional gun(s) are not picked up.